Common wealth for the common good

The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference Statement on the Distribution of Wealth in Australia has been nearly five years in the making. When it was begun, Rupert Murdoch was embracing Catholicism. Alan Bond was walking tall within its fold. The really poor Australian Catholics felt uncomfortable in the church. Pat Dodson, the one and only Aboriginal Catholic priest, had not long withdrawn from the priesthood, finding church authorities too abrasive on Aboriginal culture.

It is not insignificant that this statement is now being published by Collins-Dove, a company recently acquired by Rupert Murdoch.

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Neocats in Melbourne

NEOCATECHUMENATE COMMUNITY – Archdiocese of Melbourne – Report of activity in one parish

by Paul Cooney, sm
post 1990

1. The Neocatechumenate was invited into the parish in 1977. At its peak there were five communities with about 100 adult members. Eventually in 1990 after two and a half years of prolonged discussions and attempted dialogue, the Parish Priest of the time withdrew permission from the four itinerant catechists of the Neocatechumenate from Italy to conduct activities in the parish or with groups from the parish.

Redfern, a Prophetic Community

A Research Project Towards A Graduate Diploma in Theology
United Theological Institute

St Vincent’s, Redfern may well be spoken of as a prophetic community in that it has an established solidarity with those who are traditionally seen to be on the "fringes" of society. This is seen in the various networks which have sprung up around the church, and in the life commitment of many of those who are worshippers at the Sunday Liturgy.