Farewell Griffo

Griffo (Garry Griffiths) died after a long illness on 5 October 2011 in Kempsey.

His life was celebrated at St Vincent’s, and then at the Redfern Community Centre at The Block, last Wednesday. (Photos)

Griffo was a great friend of the community and of Ted Kennedy. (see Griffo’s tribute to Fr Ted, and Griffo’s grief ).

The emu and goanna on the church mural are a part of his legacy (see The great St Vincent’s break-in).

New PP?

It appears that St Vincent’s new parish priest is to be Fr Melvin Llabanes. At least, according to the Archdiocese of Perth website he is "on Placement in Redfern, NSW".

Originally from the Philippines, Llabanes entered the Perth Redemptorist Mater Seminary in 1993 (at the same time as Joseph Pelle), and was ordained to the Presbyterate in Perth in June 2000. (Reference: http://www.redemptorismaterperth.org.au)

He has more recently spent a number of years in Finland, where " … there are only 12 Catholic priests counting the Bishop in all Finland. Last Year the first ever Catholic seminary opened … Continue reading

Peter Kearney Concert

Ted Kennedy – Australian Prophet

Peter sings songs of justice & compassion inspired by Ted Kennedy and a forty year friendship.

Peter first met Ted Kennedy in 1966 and was encouraged by him to write his first folkhymns including ‘Fill My House’ and ‘The Beatitudes’. He later wrote many songs of justice and reconciliation inspired by Ted’s ministry and a friendship of over forty years.

Since 1982, Peter has made music his full time work, singing his songs … Continue reading

Kathmandu Bishop bars Neocat activities

Bishop bars Neo-cat activities

Kathmandu, Nepal – 8 August 2011

Bishop Anthony Sharma has suspended the activities of the Neo-catechumenate Way church group in Kathmandu, seven years after the organization, which is dedicated to the Christian formation of adults, first came to Nepal.

According to Church authorities the Catholic group, which started in Madrid in 1964, was never formally invited to Nepal, but “came by themselves.”

A short announcement on the notice board of Kathmandu’s Assumption Church said the suspension came into effect on August 1.

Several Neo-catechumenate members, who are also parishioners of Assumption Church, said yesterday … Continue reading

Mendes’ legacy?

Mendes’ homily last Sunday was notable – not only because he used it to announce that this had been his last Sunday Mass as pp of St Vincent’s, but also because for once it actually had some semblance of structure and coherence, leading one to wonder who had written it for him.

The content, however, was sadly still the same old rubbish, with the message of the gospel reading of the Sermon on the Mount somehow warping into a diatribe on obedience, a favourite theme.

He thanked his fellow travellers on the Way for their support, as well as the … Continue reading

Dialogue with Neocats

Yesterday a delegation from the community approached pp Mendes after Mass to express their concern over the growing number of items that have disappeared from the church. An attempt was made to read out the following statement:

We recently realised no-one has reported to you that yet another item is missing from St Vincent’s Church. For some weeks now we have not seen a framed print of a well known modern painting called The First Supper, which has been hanging at St V’s for many years. The original painting was entered in the Blake Prize for Religious Art. It features … Continue reading


The following article appeared on page 7 of Saturday’s Sydney Morning Herald.

Catholic faithful dig in for new battle

THE faithful of St Vincent’s Catholic Church, Redfern look set to outlast another conservative priest – but they are still waiting to have their prayers answered.

A group of long-time parishioners at the inner-city church have again come into conflict with its clergy, this time over a spontaneous approach to the prayers offered in Mass.

The approach is in keeping with the more vernacular and inclusive style of worship celebrated at the urban indigenous parish since the leadership of late … Continue reading


Despite the intense feelings of abuse and loss at having the Easter ceremonies celebrated(?) begrudgingly and with a palbable emanation of loathing, the Church Mouse remained silent, giving space to the deeply distressed community to voice its own concerns, which it certainly did, with a number of individuals writing to the heirarchy.

The sorry story is told in their letters, some of which are reproduced below.

The first collection of letters was addressed to Cardinal Pell and Mgr John Usher (Chancellor) of the Sydney Archdiocese.

Your Eminence,

We write once again in reference to the relationship between the Parish Priest, … Continue reading