A little bit of paint goes a long way

Gripped with Easter fervour, Prindiville and Sudla have this week indulged themselves in a little church redecorating. Their redoubtable DIY skills may be admired, not so much on the wall behind the altar where they focussed their attention, but in the paint splashes and smudges on the sacred Kiko carpet, and even, to Naoami Myers chagrin, outside the church on the Aboriginal Medical Service’s path and plants.

Appropos of which, have you heard the one about the church painter?

A painter had just finished painting the interior of a church and was getting ready to pack up and leave, when the parish priest came out and asked him to also paint the exterior. The painter agreed to do so, but soon realized that he did not have enough paint to finish the whole job. He also realized that if he thinned out what he had left he might just be able to do it. Anyway, he completed painting the outside of the church, when a sudden rain storm came out of the clear sky. The rain fell only on the church, washing away all the still wet paint, and a voice boomed out of the sky…. "Re-paint you thinner!"
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